child's feet on a message about hunger

Understanding the Root Causes of Hunger

Hunger—it’s something we talk about a lot here at Blessings of Hope. In the past, we’ve covered various topics that focus on what we’re doing to end hunger, the differences in food banks and food pantries, and even how to help out hungry families during a pandemic. But what are the root causes of hunger?…

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How to Decide to Donate Money or Food to Food Banks

As we move closer to the holiday season, many individuals and organizations will ramp up giving campaigns. During this time of year, many people feel more generous and often donate money or food to help the less fortunate in the community. Did you know that food donations are helpful for food banks, but donating money…

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How You Can Help During World Hunger Day

Every year on May 28th, Blessings of Hope—along with many others in the world—takes the time to help bring awareness to World Hunger Day. While we work hard to fight hunger every day, we like to join in the initiative to spread even more awareness wherever we can. Through our local outreach programs, the partnerships we…

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Volunteers distributing food during a recent Blessings of Hope community event

About Our Mission to End Food Insecurity

From the beginning, Blessings of Hope has always focused on working hard to end food insecurity and provide nourishment for families in need. Every day we strive to empower ministries, organizations, and individuals to reach the less fortunate people within our community—all through food and acts of loving kindness. Since 2006, our mission hasn’t changed…

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COVID-19: How You Can Help Support Hungry Families During a Pandemic

Pictured: Spooky Nook Sports delivered 1,080 food boxes to over 900 families in its parking lot on April 7, 2020. Blessings of Hope donated all of the pre-packed boxes and 30 Spooky Nook Sports team members volunteered to distribute them. During this challenging time in the world, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear…

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The Ugly Food Movement and Its Impact on Food Banks

Every year in the United States, 40 percent of the food that is produced goes uneaten. That’s $165 billion wasted on food that ends up in landfills, a major component of U.S. municipal solid waste, and a large source of methane emissions that contribute to climate change. In fact, according to one study, 30 million…

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A trashcan full of still edible food with a man holding open the lid

What You Need to Know About Food Recovery Programs

Blessings of Hope is committed in the fight to help end hunger. According to Feeding America, in Pennsylvania alone, over 1.5 million people are left hungry each day. That equates to about one out of every eight people in Pennsylvania struggling to feed themselves—and worse, over 437,000 of those are children. These struggling people are…

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2019 changing to 2020

What Our Food Donation Center Accomplished & How You Can Help

Blessings of Hope has accomplished so much in 2019. We know that we owe it to those who have supported our food bank and mission during the year, and to the blessings of our Lord. Thank you to everyone who supported Blessings of Hope in 2019 by donating, volunteering, or sharing our message of hope….

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How We’re Trying to End Hunger

Blessings of Hope is a food bank that started in 2006 when Aaron Fisher felt a calling to help feed the hungry and work towards ending hunger. Our organization was legally established under the Light of Hope Ministries in 2010 and operates independently to distribute roughly 25,000 meals per day. Our food bank operates from…

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