Food Bank Volunteer Stories | Blessings of Hope

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a food bank volunteer at Blessings of Hope? Here is a little glimpse into some of our volunteers’ personal experiences.  

I am a regular weekly volunteer at Blessings of Hope. I count the days until it is my day to volunteer. There are so many reasons why volunteering at Blessings of Hope is the best day of the week for me! I thank God for the opportunity to have such meaningful volunteer work. It truly is a gift!  

  1. Being a part of a wonderful ministry, helping to feed people puts joy in my heart and relieves some of the anxiety and depression that I struggle with.  
  1. My friends volunteer with me. We get to see each other every week! We work at a table together and really enjoy figuring out our working strategy to get the most accomplished. We talk and laugh while we work and we meet new people. As someone who works from home, I don’t see people often and this relieves my loneliness and is truly the only day of the week that I actually laugh out loud! We have so much fun volunteering!  
  1. The staff are very kind and truly get to know the volunteers and always seem happy to see us! They compliment us on our efficient work.  
  1. There is an awesome coffee station and we get to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee or tea! Blessings of Hope is so good to their volunteers!  
  1. Witnessing how the people at Blessings of Hope trust that God will provide everything they need has inspired me to trust Him as well! 

-Jennifer Deleissio 

And another story… 

My story with Blessings of Hope started end of March 2020. I was volunteering at 2 different locations and both were shut down due to covid. A friend told me about Blessings of Hope and so I decided to try it. It wasn’t long until I was volunteering one day a week. At that time both my son and step son were laid off due to covid. They both had families to feed. This motivated me because volunteering at Blessings of Hope, and the food I received as a thank you, was a way for me to help them. Both are back to work but I’m still finding ways to bless others. This year I discovered that the YWAM (Youth with a Mission) base in Ephrata does not have a kitchen. They outsource their lunches Monday to Friday. I have taken a lunch to them twice this year. There is no way I could afford to feed 55 youth and staff without being able to volunteer and receive food (for a small handling fee) at Blessings of Hope. My granddaughter who lives in Delaware County needed volunteer hours for Honor Society. She has volunteered twice at Blessings of Hope and the last time she helped make and serve the food at the YWAM base. It was a win win situation. Thank you, Blessings of Hope. You have no idea how many people are blessed by this ministry. 

-A food bank volunteer 

What impact do food bank volunteers make? 

It is our priority to give our food bank volunteers a wonderful experience because we are so grateful for them. We couldn’t do what we do at Blessings of Hope without them. Because of our volunteers, donors, and everyone else who contributes, we are able to provide an average of 60,942 meals per day to feed the hungry in our communities! 

What is our food bank volunteer process? 

We schedule up to 3 volunteer shifts daily with approximately 50 to 65 volunteers per shift. Food bank volunteers do a variety of projects based on the day and need; from assembly line packing approximately 40 pounds of food and a Gospel of John booklet into our Hands of Hope boxes, to repackaging large volumes of bulk foods into more manageable sizes, and sorting and repackaging produce. Any rotten or unusable produce gets composted and returned to farms and gardens for food reproduction. Sorting through produce helps to maximize optimal use of food donations. Occasionally we do some preservation, like freezing, for the same purpose. 

Other volunteer opportunities include truck driving for food deliveries and pickups, marketing photography, cleaning, maintenance, and fundraiser event volunteers. 

If you are interested in a food bank volunteer opportunity, find more information here. 

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