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Before You Have a Canned Food Drive Read This Article

Food drives are a popular way to give back to the community and teach children the value of sharing what we have with those less fortunate. Particularly around the holiday season, supermarkets, schools, police departments, and offices around the country set up food drive boxes, encouraging customers, peers, and colleagues to donate canned food items…

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Learn How You Can Help By Becoming a Food Bank Volunteer

With so many problems in the world, there are more ways than ever for volunteers to make a difference in their communities. While the choice of volunteer opportunities is vast, most base their decision on causes or issues they are passionate about. At Blessings of Hope, we’re passionate about feeding our community. We know that…

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Food bank supplies

4 Facts About Making Food Bank Donations Near You

First, let’s get one thing straight—any donation is a good donation. There are too many people in the United States that go hungry every day for anyone to turn down food donations. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), approximately 40 million people lived in food-insecure households in 2017, which is 40 million…

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