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Blessings of Hope touches lives across the community through our Ministry Partners, outreach program, and Hands of Hope. Get inspired by testimonials from people we’ve helped through our food bank.

Blessings of Hope went above and beyond to support the community of Millvale in the month of December by generously providing us with Farmers to Families food boxes. Millvale is a small Borough outside of the City of Pittsburgh with about 3700 residents, many of whom are affected by food insecurity. Not only are we considered a “food desert”, but many of our residents were financially unable to keep up with their families food needs due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The first several rounds of Farmers to Families food distributions were widely utilized by our community members, with approximately 600 food boxes given out per month. We were unable to find anyone locally able to support us in the last phase of 2020 and were connected to Blessings of Hope in hopes they would be able to accommodate our needs despite how far away we are. They were able to arrange the delivery of close to 1,000 food boxes to Millvale over the course of a little over a month, allowing our families to continue to receive fresh, healthy and free food to support their families. We are forever grateful for your help!

Melissa Mason, food recipient

I just got this from one of our secretaries at Blessings Of Hope, this is why we do what we do! I just had a 15 minute phone call with a lady in DC who said a Hands of Hope box mysteriously appeared in her fridge and she doesn’t know how. She was in tears over how big the onions were and that there were dinner rolls included! She was absolutely amazed at the excellent quality of food and said she knew it couldn’t have come from DC because they don’t have that good of food there. 😉 She also said that she has been going through a lot with family members in the hospital and dying from COVID, and she’s been “going thru the wilderness”. The box of food reminded her that even in the wilderness God can provide in strange ways. She said she could feel that the box had been packed with love by a Christian organization and people who cared about her. She was so so grateful and tearful!