Read Our Food Bank Testimonials

Blessings of Hope touches lives across the community through our Ministry Partners, outreach program, and Hands of Hope. Get inspired by testimonials from people we’ve helped through our food bank.

“On my way to Blessings of Hope one rainy morning in May 2018, I heard God tell me to witness or bless someone in a special way.

When I arrived, I greeted everyone, as usual, hugging many with a smile, because I have grown over the years to love these folks. Just before prayer time, 3 lovely ladies and a little girl arrived. I welcomed them and quickly learned that only the younger woman spoke English.

Aaron, recognizing they were new to Blessings of Hope, approached and asked me to introduce them to a task. As I spoke to them through the younger English-speaking woman, I learned they were from Haiti and the 2 older women had to return in June to very poor living conditions. I asked if they were born again believers and, through the biggest, most beautiful smiles, they both said, ”yes” and gestured that he lives in them while touching their hearts.

The younger woman shared their biggest need in Haiti was sugar and pasta. I promised her I would approach Aaron and see if we could bless them with this great need for their people.

After sharing at prayer time a brief synopsis of their story, Aaron was receptive to my request for their great need and supplied them with both the sugar and pasta to be sent to Haiti through a reliable trucking co.

As I left Blessings of Hope that day, I smiled with God for I would have never thought that was his plan for me that day!“

Jane Shirk, Volunteer
Blessings of Hope

“For 2 years, a woman faithfully came to receive a box of food each Wednesday from Blessings of Hope, located in Ephrata at that time.

A few of the volunteers would have the opportunity to talk with recipients as they sat and waited for their food and oft times, pray with them.

One day Aaron was approached by this woman. She humbly thanked him for the food she had been receiving and how much it had blessed her. She then shared that she would no longer need to receive the food because she had found a job and was finally able to provide for herself!

Above all else, she thanked Aaron for what Blessings of Hope had done for her over these past 2 years, supplying her with the much-needed box of food.

We thank you, Jesus, for her life and the success she finally achieved. We realize there are many folks just like her who have been blessed with this ministry, instrumented totally by you, Lord!”

A grateful food recipient