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Imagine a world where 1 out of 4 children weren’t struggling to get enough to eat. A world where 1 out of 6 Americans weren’t at risk for hunger. A place where sharing and gifts of love were the norm.

That’s the world we’re working to create. Your support helps us get there!

Our Food Bank Is The Tool, Experiencing God Is The Goal.

At Blessings of Hope, our food bank provides a place where large corporations can efficiently donate their excess food to the community to help feed the hungry. Together, with our staff and volunteers, we repackage, distribute, and share food with regional food banks, ministries, and families in need.

Through partnerships with ministries and local businesses, local outreach programs, and our Hands of Hope program, we distribute an average of 64,000+ meals per day to help fight hunger. An average family box would cost $100 if items were purchased individually at the store. Blessings of Hope can produce boxes of food for as little as $7, making excellent use of the funds we receive from generous donors.

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64,000+ Meals
Per Day

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$129,605 Value of
Daily Distribution

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Our Cost:
$10,000 Per Day

“As I left Blessings of Hope that day, I smiled with God for I would have never thought that was his plan for me that day!”
Jane Shirk, Volunteer

At Blessings of Hope, we are blessed to be part of many success stories, in our communities and beyond. Sharing these stories energizes our mission, and shines a light of hope that inspires many more acts of kindness.

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Empowering Ministries and Individuals to Reach the Less Fortunate

Our food bank specializes in warehousing large quantities of food and distributing it in manageable portions to nearby food ministries. But the real magic happens when the food we’ve collected makes it into the hands of those who need it most. We’ve created several food assistance programs to empower ministries, businesses, organizations, and individuals to feed the hungry throughout the community.

Give the Gift of Hope

With so many challenges in the world, many of us feel overwhelmed, believing that our small contribution couldn’t possibly make a difference. But, did you know that 70% of our operating income at Blessings of Hope comes from individual donors?

That’s right. Small donations really do add up fast, helping us achieve our goals and serve more families throughout the community. Help us spread the gift of hope and feed the hungry!

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