Can families or individuals who lack food come directly to Blessings of Hope (BOH)?

No, we are a wholesale food bank supplying other food ministries who in turn directly distribute food. However, we do serve low-income families in the community through a partnership with a local church. Every Wednesday from 11:30 to 2:30.

New Covenant Church of God
111 E Chestnut St.
Ephrata, PA 17522

You may be asked to fill out a simple form stating that you qualify as a low-income family and that you won’t be selling or bartering the food donated to you. Please bring ID

How does BOH obtain the food that is distributed?

BOH has relationships with over 80 food producers and distributors regionally centered around Lancaster County (PA), and in other states.

Does BOH buy or sell food?

No, all food is donated to us; however, we charge a modest handling fee to cover some of our costs.

How does BOH raise the funds needed to operate?

About 40% comes from the fees ministry partners pay us; the balance from fundraisers and donations from individuals and organizations.

What is the annual budget of BOH.

$900,000. Administrative and Fundraising costs are only 8% of the budget.

Is BOH a faith-based organization?

Yes, we seek the Lord’s blessing and guidance in everything we do. Our Christian faith is an integral part of our daily activities devoted to practicing what Christ has taught us. We see food as a way to open hearts to God’s message of love, forgiveness, mercy, and eternal life.

If I’m interested in becoming a Ministry Partner, sponsoring an Outreach, becoming a volunteer, or packing a box for a needy family, what should I do?

The fastest and easiest way is to go to our website – and follow the directions. It is very simple to do.

Can I call or e-mail BOH to do these things?

Yes, definitely. Please call 717 824 1227, ext. 101, or by e-mail at There is also a Contact link on the website.

When was BOH established?

In 2006 in a three-car garage in Ephrata.

Why was BOH established?

A small group of men became aware that companies, and especially truckers, had nowhere to take extra food other than landfills and refuse companies. This food was all wasted. BOH became an alternative to throwing out huge quantities of food. Now the food could feed the hungry.

How has BOH grown since then?

Since 2011 BOH has provided over 39 million lbs. of food valued at $65 million.

Individual Donations

If you’d like to be part of spreading hope throughout your community, donations are always welcome in any amount. Never think what you have to give isn’t enough. Every little bit helps. In fact, generous support from individual donors makes up the majority of our operating income throughout each year!

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